About NFC

The National Finance Center (NFC), located in New Orleans, Louisiana, is an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) certified Shared Service Center. Established in 1973 servicing only one agency, NFC now services more than 170 diverse agencies, providing payroll services to more than 650,000 Federal employees.

NFC’s mission is to serve Federal organizations in attaining their goals of improving Government, especially in the areas of Human Capital Management, thus allowing our customers to focus on serving this great Nation through their mission delivery.

With nearly 1000 employees, NFC has the vision to be the premier shared service provider (as measured by employees serviced and quality of services) for Government and quasi-Government agencies by surrounding the employee with value-added HR and payroll services.

Human Resources


NFC offers a complete Human Capital Management System, EmpowHR, which addresses core and non-core services as defined by OPM’s business requirements model. EmpowHR is a suite of commercial and Government applications that support all critical HR functions.

  • PAR Processing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Position Management
  • Federal Compensation Management
  • Recruitment and Onboarding (Through 3rd Party integrations such as eRecruit, USAStaffing, EODonline, etc.)

Compensation and Payroll


Compensation management, payroll services, and reporting are offered through NFC’s Payroll/Personnel System (PPS). PPS supports compensation management functions.

  • Compensation Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Reporting

Time and Attendance

NFC currently offers two web-based time and attendance tools that are interfaced with PPS; Kronos webTA and GDC Integration Paycheck8. Both tools allow employees to input their own time and attendance data, saving HR organizations time and administrative cost. They both can be securely accessed with an internet browser, allowing users the flexibility to enter time from anywhere. Additionally, they eliminate the need for many time and attendance redundancies and reduces the need for timekeepers.

For additional information please see the following brochures.

Reporting and Analytics


NFC offers Insight, a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data warehouse with advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities as its enterprise reporting solution. Insight provides customers with integrated data and flexible analytics to drive strategic business decisions. Insight will enable customers to make data-driven decisions based on strategic business insights. Insight provides a reporting and analytics solution that supports a wide range of business needs. The solution will:

  1. Provide a single, integrated system of data
  2. Provide flexible and straightforward access to improved business intelligence Insights
  3. Provide standard reports and the ability to create agency-specific reports and analytics
  4. Replace legacy reporting applications with intuitive reporting dashboards and tools

HR Back Office Services

NFC offers effective and efficient human resources back office services in both core and non-core areas for Federal organizations who find it increasingly difficult to maintain knowledgeable HR staff or who seek a more economical and efficient solution for services supporting their personnel offices. NFC’s current customer base for human resources services is comprised of more than 30,000 employees in multiple agencies within USDA, and other departments/bureaus of the federal government. Customer support ranges from processing operations to full service human resources support. NFC’s transactional processing services include personnel action processing, payroll transaction processing, time and attendance processing, benefits processing, administration of awards programs, leave administration, policy interpretation, and reporting. Additionally, NFC’s service offerings include workforce planning and human capital strategy development, competency management, position management and classification, job analysis and sourcing, candidate evaluation and selection, employee conduct and performance management, labor relations management and third party representation, and employee development needs assessments with skilled and experienced staff. NFC is able to provide HR Operational support for specific agency human capital strategic or operational projects of time limited duration; operational support to supplement or integrate with an agency’s internal human resources staff; or execute day to day full service operational activities as an agency’s outsourced HR Service Provider.

Insurance and Collections


On behalf of OPM, NFC provides services for billing and collection of insurance premiums from Federal employees and eligible non-Federal persons enrolled in Federal insurance options.

  • Direct Premium Remmittance System (DPRS)
  • Centralization Enrollment Clearing House System (CLER)
  • Tribal Insurance Processing System (TIPS)

Data Center Hosting


NFC operates a modern, secure enterprise data center (Primary Computing Facility) in Denver, Colorado, and a back data center (Backup Computing Facility) in St. Louis, Missouri, for disaster recovery. All applications that support NFC’s lines of business service offerings are hosted in the Primary Computing Facility (PCF) enabling NFC to provide integrated service delivery.

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