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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network

The ACH is a network of exchanging electronic debit and credit entries among financial institutions, corporations, the Government and individuals. For Government initiated payments, Data Transmissions are furnished to the original Federal Reserve Bank for processing and distribution to those financial institutions that participate in the ACH network.

Approved Format and Addendum Information

FMS is primarily using one corporate ACH payment format, the Cash Concentration or Disbursement Plus (CCD+) format. This format, approved by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), includes an addendum record structured in accordance with the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) X12.4 syntax. The addendum includes a maximum of 80 characters of Federal Agency information that is required by the payee (the financial institution's corporate customer) in order to identify the reason for the credit, such as invoice or customer reference numbers.

The following are provided as examples of ANSI X12.4 syntax that would typically be associated with a CCD+ addendum record format ("7-05"):

EXAMPLE #1: RMT*IV*12345\
EXAMPLE #2: RMT*CR*89-0115\
EXAMPLE #3: RMT*IV*76014622********Includes interest of $25.00 at 12% for 6 days\

Definition of Example Fields

Data Segment Identifier = RMT(Remittance)
Data Field Separator = *
Data Element Identifier = IV (Invoice)
CR(Customer Reference)
Actual Billing Invoice or Customer Reference# = 12345
Optional Payment Information = "Includes Interest of ...... "
End of Data Segment = /

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 03, 2023