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Assistance with Time and Attendance

(STARWEB and webTA Inquiries)

STAR Web is a Windows-based application that allows users to prepare, print, and transmit time and attendance data to the NFC for processing.

WebTA is a collection of applications that permit time and attendance information to be entered, verified, electronically certified and collected for transmission to a centralized payroll and personnel system. There are five modules within the system that provide the required functions for each of the roles that a person may have within the system. The NFC Contact Center agents provide HUD and USDA and specific Department of Justice agencies with WEBATA Hosting Plus Assistance. The NFC Contact Center agents are available to webTA Customers from USDA, HUD or Department of Justice who are authorized contacts that need assistance with navigation issues or general WEBATA issues or questions. The NFC Contact Center agents are able to respond to HR Office questions about inquiry, data entry, and data correction for NFC's WEBATA Hosting Plus Service Help Desk (for designated USDA and
HUD customers).

The NFC Contact Center is available to assist you with any STAR Web or webTA navigation issues or general webTA use. Contact Center agents can also respond to HR Servicing Personnel Office representative questions submitted about inquiry, data entry, and data correction for NFC's webTA Hosting Plus Services (for designated USDA, HUD, and DOJ customers).

WebTA authorized Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) representatives listed in TMGT Table 063, Contact Type 04 are authorized to contact the NFC Contact Center on webTA issues. Authorized SPOs with Requester Console access may submit incidents with attachments as needed. Any submitted incidents and attachments must adhere to PII data security guidelines.

Employees should contact their agency Human Resources office for all issues related to webTA Inquiries.

Effective October 1, 2012, authorized SPO representatives can access the NFC Contact Center through the following communication channels:

Phone: Call 1-855-NFC4GOV (1-855-632-4468) from 6:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Central Time, Monday through Friday except for Federal holidays. These hours of operation are effective October 1, 2014.
Web: Submit incidents via the Internet using the Requester Console user ID. Users can submit incidents 24 x 7 except for scheduled maintenance periods.
Callers who are hearing or speech impaired:
Federal Relay Services
VRS: 877.709.5798
TTY: 800.877.8339

Some common webTA questions resolved through the NFC Contact Center include:

  1. Can I submit corrections for T&As for periods predating my use of webTA?
  2. How do I use the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program functionality in webTA?
  3. Who is responsible for transferring the employee/T&A profile for an employee who transfers from one agency to another?
  4. Who is eligible to earn credit hours?
  5. Who can help me set up my E-Authentication ID and password in webTA?
  6. How do I roll STAR WEB over to the next pay period?


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