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Application Process

Application Process Note: To help minimize the time it takes to process your application please ensure it is fully completed and signed by the GSA Employee before submitting to the USDA.

GSA Employees who would like to apply for Child Care Subsidy Benefits under the GSA CCS Program must complete the below application package in full. The application and all supporting documents must be submitted in order for the package to receive consideration.

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GSA Child Care Subsidy Benefit Application Package [PDF - 1.59MB]

Important Note Regarding Child Care Providers

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Steps to Completing an Application

  1. Employee submits GSA CCS Application Package and required supporting documentation
  2. Application reviewed for completeness and Employee eligibility
  3. Child care rates, attendance and enrollment are verified with the Child Care Provider
    1. Child must be enrolled and have a start date within 30 days of the Employee's application before benefits can be determined
    2. Child Care Provider must be a USDA approved participant in order for the Employee's application to be processed
  4. Subsidy benefit calculations are determined based on Total Family Income (TFI) , Provider Rate, Type of Care and Attendance using the GSA Benefit Table
  5. Subsidy benefit notification is issued to the Employee and Child Care Provider and if approved, a blank Invoice & Billing Record will be included for billing the USDA on behalf of the Family
  6. Child Care Provider or Employee submits invoices for payment
    1. Invoices must be signed by both the Provider and Employee
    2. Invoices must be submitted to the USDA monthly on or after the 15th of the month
    3. Payment instructions are provided with the benefit notification

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Ongoing Employee Eligibility Requirements

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Ongoing Provider Eligibility Requirements

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Last Updated / Reviewed: December 13, 2018