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Update Of License No Field

Title: VI, Systems Access Manual
Chapter: 9, Property Management Information System, Section 3, Equipment Management Information System (EMIS)
Bulletin: 97-1, Update Of License No Field
Date: April 22, 1997
Electronic Access Users

Recently, EMIS was modified to accept only alphanumeric characters as entries in the License No field. This field is found on the Add Required Equipment Data and Modify Equipment Data screens, Options 1 and 2 respectively on the Update Menu. The only entries that are now acceptable for the License No field are numbers 0 through 9 and letters A through Z; special characters (e.g., dashes, spaces, !, #, $, %, &, *, etc.) are no longer permitted. This also applies to agencies who use batch transmissions to enter data into EMIS. Access to Options 1 and 2 and instructions for completing the field remain as described in the USDA EMIS procedure.

Note: The License No field can be modified by accessing Option 2, Modify Equipment Data, on the Update Menu. The License No field appears on this screen and may be modified in accordance with the acceptable entries provided in this bulletin.

There will be a sweep of the EMIS master records to eliminate and correct those license plate numbers in the system that contain the unacceptable characters. Note:The elimination and correction of the incorrect data in the License No field requires no action by the agencies.

Please refer questions about EMIS to Information Center personnel at 504-255-5230. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322.


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