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Release of FAAD Version 02.01

Title: V, Miscellaneous Systems Manual
Chapter: 2, Federal Assistance Award Data (FAAD) System
Bulletin: FAAD 02-1, Release of FAAD Version 02.01
Date: March 15, 2002
To: FAAD Users
Electronic Access Coordinators

This bulletin announces the release of Version 02.01 of the Federal Assistance Award Data (FAAD) System software. This new software, which is effective immediately, includes an expanded Error Codes/Messages listing. Additionally, the Individual Suspense Record window has been enhanced to include the Recipient Location field and a Go To Recipient Location button, which can be used to select a recipient location.

FAAD Version 02.01 can be downloaded from the Download Center on NFC’s Web site ( FAAD Version 01.06 is no longer valid. Only Version 02.01 can be used for accessing FAAD.

In order to download FAAD Version 02.01, NFC Logon System v01.03 software must be installed on your computer. If you are not already using the NFC Logon System v01.03, it can be downloaded from NFC’s Download Center on the Web.

Both FAAD Version 02.01 and the NFC Logon System v01.03 require a Download Center ID and password to download the software. If you do not have a Download Center ID and password, please submit Form AD-1128, Request for Electronic Downloading of Software From NFC, according to the instructions on the form. This form can be printed from the Download Center on NFC’s Web site at the Request a Download ID link, completed, and submitted to NFC by either mail or fax.

Downloading the Software

Use the following instructions to download the NFC Logon System v01.03 and the FAAD Version 02.01 software:

1.      Go to NFC’s home page at

2.      Click the NFC Download Center icon at the top of the page.

3.      Click the Need Help? link to review the instructions for Using the Download Center. These instructions can be printed for future reference.

4.     Type in your Download Center User ID and Password. Click [Login]. The FAAD download page is displayed.

5.      Complete the steps provided for Using the Download Center (Step 3 above) to download the NFC Logon System v01.03 software, if necessary. Then download the FAAD Application Install - v02.01 software.

Installing the Software

Note: The NFC Logon System v01.03 must be installed prior to installing the FAAD Version 02.01 software.

Use the following instructions to install the NFC Logon System v01.03 and the FAAD Version 02.01 software:

1.      Locate the folder in which the software was saved.

2.      Open the folder to reveal the installation icon.

3.      Double-click on the icon to begin the installation process. Follow the prompts until the process is complete.

Availability of Procedure Manual

The FAAD procedure, which is available online at the NFC Web site, has been updated to include the information in this bulletin. The Latest Update Information section at the beginning of the procedure provides a summary of the update. To view and/or print this procedure, go to the NFC home page ( and click the Pubs & Forms icon. At the Pubs & Forms page left-hand menu, click List by Title/Chapter, or List by Acronym/Name. If you prefer a printed copy and are unable to print from the Web, you can request a printed copy by submitting Form AD-1083, Request for Action for Procedures/Reports, to the address or fax number printed on the form.

This bulletin supersedes bulletin FAAD 01-1, Release of FAAD Version 01.06. Bulletin FAAD 01-1 should be discarded.

Please refer questions about FAAD to Customer Support at 504-255-5230. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322 or via e-mail at

WILLIAM C. ALEXANDER, JR., Acting Director
Financial Services Division