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Proper Completion of Travel System Forms

Title: II, Voucher and Invoice Payments Manual
Chapter: 2, Travel and Transportation Payments, Section 1, Travel System
Bulletin: 97-1, Proper Completion of Travel System Forms
Date: December 30, 1997
To: Users of the Travel System (TRVL)

The unified Travel System (TRVL) was implemented on October 14, 1997. A recent review of the documents processed through TRVL has revealed some common errors in the completion of TRVL forms. This bulletin reminds agencies about several procedural requirements that should be followed to help reduce or eliminate errors and subsequent delays in the processing of travel documents.

  • Ensure that paper travel forms submitted to the National Finance Center (NFC) for processing are the revised forms (dated 11/96) specifically designed for unified TRVL. Travel forms dated 4/88 are now obsolete and should no longer be submitted to NFC.
  • Ensure that authorizations are submitted prior to or simultaneously with the travel vouchers. Reimbursement of vouchers cannot be processed until the authorization is established.
  • Ensure that all necessary expenditures are authorized on Form AD-202, Travel Authorization/Advance, in Block 23, Authorized Expenditures (e.g., that subsistence codes for Type B, Limited Open Travel Authorizations; Type C, Trip-by-Trip Authorizations; and Type N, Nationwide Travel Authorizations, are shown).
  • Ensure that the approving officer's Name and Title, Social Security Number, Agency Code, and Date Approved blocks in Section F, Certifications, of the authorization and voucher forms are completed. Record the approving officer's name in the Name and Title block, in last name, first name, and middle initial order, to facilitate a systematic match of the approving officer's name and social security number. Note: If the individual signing the authorization or voucher is an acting approving officer, show the acting individual's name, title, and social security number in Section F of the authorization or voucher.
  • Ensure that the travel dates shown on the voucher are within the travel dates shown on the authorization.
  • Ensure that Block 28, Summary of Subsistence, on Form AD-616, Travel Voucher (Temporary Duty Travel), is completed when per diem and/or actual subsistence is claimed for temporary duty travel. For foreign travel, ensure that the foreign city/country codes are used. The total of individual subsistence amounts shown in Block 28 must equal the total of the amounts claimed in Block 29, Per Diem, and Block 30, Actual Subsistence.
  • Ensure that Section C, Transportation Costs, on the AD-616 is properly completed (i.e., that the proper 2-position alpha method of payment code; 2-position vendor code; identification number; car rental number of miles, days, and totals; and dollar amounts are shown).
  • If you select the Authorization Accounting block in Section E, Accounting Classification, on the travel vouchers for charging the voucher claims, ensure that the Purpose Code, Accounting Classification, and Percentage blocks are left blank.

Detailed instructions for completing paper travel forms and general information about TRVL processing are provided in the Travel System procedure (Title II, Chapter 2, Section 1, dated September 30, 1997).

Detailed instructions for electronically entering travel forms are provided in the Travel Online Data Entry procedure (Title VI, Chapter 6, Section 1, dated September 22, 1997) and the PC-TRVL procedure (Title VI, Chapter 6, Section 2, dated August 22, 1997).

Please refer questions about travel processing to the Travel and Transportation Section at 504-255-4878. Refer questions about electronic processing to Information Center personnel at 504-255-5230. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322.

ROBERT H. VARNAU, Acting Director
Financial Services Division