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Charging Travel System Transactions to CAS or FFIS Accounting

Title: II, Voucher and Invoice Payments Manual
Chapter: 2, Travel and Transportation Payments, Section 1, Travel System
Bulletin: 98-1, Charging Travel System Transactions to CAS or FFIS Accounting
Date: January 26, 1998
To: Holders of Travel System (TRVL) Procedures (Forest Service)

On October 1, 1997, Forest Service (FS) Regions 6 and 10, and Station 26 converted from the Central Accounting System (CAS) to the Foundation Financial Information System (FFIS). All other FS locations have remained in CAS.

As a result of FS operating in two different accounting systems (CAS and FFIS), specific guidelines must be followed when preparing travel authorizations and travel voucher documents. When preparing the travel authorization, FS must charge the entire transaction to either CAS or FFIS accounting. When the corresponding travel voucher(s) is prepared, the travel must be charged to a management code within the same accounting system as was charged on the authorization.

Example: If an authorization is charged to CAS accounting, then the corresponding voucher must also be charged to CAS accounting.

If a single trip is to be paid by both CAS and FFIS locations, FS must issue a separate authorization and voucher for each system's accounting (i.e., an authorization and voucher for the CAS charges and another authorization and voucher for the FFIS charges).

Also, as a reminder, if an employee is traveling for a region and unit other than the employing region and unit, the practice of appending the accounting override code to the management code on the authorization and voucher is still in effect (i.e., showing the paying region's management code followed by a slash "/," the agency code (11), and the 4-digit region and unit code of the paying location).

Example: If a traveler is employed by Region 03, Unit 10, and Region 06, Unit 05, is paying for the trip, the accounting section would be completed as follows: 123456/110605

If it is determined after a voucher is paid that accounting adjustments are necessary between CAS and FFIS accounting, FS will accomplish the transfer through Treasury's Online Payment and Collection System (OPAC). For information on transferring funds through OPAC, see Bulletins 97-1 and 97-2, New Agency Code for Forest Service Regions 6 and 10, and Station 26, issued September 24, 1997. Note: Bulletin 97-1 was issued to Procurement Officers and Bulletin 97-2 was issued to Procurement Officers of FS Regions 6 and 10, and Station 26.

Please refer questions about travel processing to the Travel and Transportation Section at 504-255-4878. Refer questions about OPAC transactions to the Accounting Reconciliation Branch at 504-255-4342. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322.

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