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Travel System (TRVL)

TRVL is used to process travel authorizations, travel advances, and travel vouchers for temporary duty (TDY) and relocation travel. The following link has been provided in order to download this procedure in its entirety:

Travel System (TRVL) [PDF 4.97 MB]

Bulletin Publication Date Document
04-2, New Relocation Services Companies 06-03-04 PDF [96KB]
03-2, Effect of Travel-Related Payment Voucher (TP) Documents on TRVL 10-31-03 PDF [93KB]
01-1, Changes to the Federal Tax Withholding Rate 08-02-01 HTML
00-2, Implementation of Amendment 90 02-18-00 HTML
99-2, Preparation of Teleticket Payment Transmittals for Casual Firefighters and Other Personnel 07-09-99 HTML
98-1, Charging Travel System Transactions to CAS or FFIS Accounting 01-26-98 HTML
97-1, Proper Completion of Travel System Forms 12-30-97 HTML

Latest Update Information

Bulletin TRVL 01-01, Changes to the Federal Tax Withholding Rate, dated August 2, 2001, announces the decrease of the Federal tax withholding rate from 28 percent to 27.5 percent.

Listed below is a summary of the above mentioned change, as well as other changes to the TRVL procedure:

Description of Change Page Number
Clarification of Type Claim RI=Relocation Income Tax (RIT) definition 101
Clarification of Taxable and Nontaxable Expenses 103
Change of Federal tax withholding rate to 27.5 percent 103-104
Clarification of Post Payment Audit of TDY Vouchers 106
Clarification of Reclaim Vouchers 107
Clarification of Block 30c, Lease Termination Expense 152

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 18, 2020