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Refer to these FAQs if you are new to ezFedGrants or have a question about the basic features of the ezFedGrants External Portal, such as navigation, searching, or your Actionable Items.

The ezFedGrants System

What is ezFedGrants? What is the ezFedGrants External Portal?

The ezFedGrants System is an online computer system used for managing the grant award process. Members of grant-seeking organizations use the ezFedGrants External Portal to view/apply to grant award opportunities, view grant award package documents, submit claims and reports, among other actions.

What type of grants are available through ezFedGrants?

ezFedGrants is designed for servicing grants to organizations (such as educational institutions and research organizations). ezFedGrants only accept applications to specific opportunities announced on either or the ezFedGrants External Portal.

Who is expected to use the ezFedGrants External Portal?

The following are examples of individuals who should use the ezFedGrants External Portal (commonly referred to as "external users"): Applicants for grant opportunities, Grants and Contracting Officers, Financial Managers, Project Director/Principle Investigators, Invoice Processors, Reports Processors, among other recipients, cooperators, and applicants.

Does ezFedGrants provide grants to individuals, veterans, or disabled persons?

ezFedGrants does not provide personal grants, financial assistance, or other services to individuals.

For information on federal financial assistance programs, please visit the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance web site.

Does ezFedGrants share information with other USDA and Federal Government systems?

Yes. The information in the ezFedGrants System is linked to other USDA and Federal Government systems, such as FMMI (Financial Management Modernization Initiative) and ASAP (Automated Standard Application for Payments).

Information from ezFedGrants may be shared with other systems, and ezFedGrants may pull information from other systems. The extent of information sharing varies by agency. For example, some agencies only post award opportunities on, but other agencies post opportunities on both and ezFedGrants.

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What browser should I use?

The current version of the ezFedGrants External Portal works best with Internet Explorer 10. Other internet browsers and other versions of Internet Explorer may experience issues with rendering (displaying buttons, icons, etc.) and completing procedures.

How do I access screens and complete tasks in the ezFedGrants External Portal?

Please refer to the External Portal Onboarding and Basics Job Aid for information on basic navigation and use of the ezFedGrants External Portal.

I do not see the navigation menu on my screen.

Small screens and use of zoomed or magnified views may display the ezFedGrants External Portal with a collapsed left-hand navigation menu. Select the icon in the top left corner of the screen to display the menu, or zoom out 100% or 75% by simultaneously pressing the Control (ctrl) and minus (-) keys on your keyboard. To zoom in, simultaneously press the Control (ctrl) and plus (+) keys.

Certain buttons, dropdown menu arrows, or icons are not appearing on my screen.

Some internet browsers may fail to display certain images, icons, or other elements of the ezFedGrants External Portal. The functionality for these elements is usually still available, but no icon has been generated. Please try selecting the areas where these elements should be displayed, or try using another internet browser (Internet Explorer 10 is recommended).

I am unable to close a popup window; there is no X button.

Some internet browsers may fail to display the X button on certain popup windows. The functionality for this button is still present in the system, but no icon has been generated. Please try selecting the area where the X button should be displayed, or try using another internet browser (Internet Explorer 10 is recommended).

The system does not always log me out when I select log out.

If the system does not appear to log you out properly, please clear your internet browser cache, close your internet browser completely, and reopen ezFedGrants.

What does the asterisk (*) indicate?

In the ezFedGrants External Portal an asterisk indicates a required field. The ezFedGrants System will generate an error if required fields are not completed.

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How do I use the search fields? Can I filter search results?

Please refer to the ezFedGrants External Portal Search Functionality Job Aid for information on conducting searches and manipulating search results in the ezFedGrants External Portal.

Sometimes see a "no search results found" message, and other times there is no message or search results. Why is this?

In order to successfully execute a search in ezFedGrants, you must input information into at least one of the search criteria fields. Selecting the Search button without completing at least one search criteria field will generate the "no message" outcome. This is because the system will not attempt a search if no search criteria are provided.

I need help with a specific search in the ezFedGrants External Portal.

Information on specific searches, such as searching for an organization, can be found on the other FAQ pages and within relevant job aids. For example, the Onboarding and Accessing ezFedGrants FAQ page includes FAQs about searching for an organization when submitting an access request. Information on this search can also be found in the External Portal Access Request Submission Job Aid, which is linked from the Access and User Roles Job Aid Library.

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Actionable Items and Notifications

Do I have to access work items through notification emails?

No, work items cannot be accessed through the Notifications tile or through notification emails. Work items are almost always accessed through the Actionable Items tile.

I did not receive a notification email.

Even if you did not receive a notification email, the work item will still be available on the ezFedGrants External Portal if it was assigned to you and another user has not already completed the work item. A notification email is not required to complete work item. You can view any notification messages generated for you by the ezFedGrants System by selecting the Notifications tile on the Home screen.

My Actionable Items tile displays "0", but when I open the popup window, I see several items for my action.

Failure of the Actionable Items tile counter to update is a known system issue. At this time, is it suggested to periodically select the Actionable Items tile to ensure you have not overlooked any work items, regardless of the number displayed on the counter.

I received a notification email but there is nothing in my Actionable Items list.

Some work items are assigned to multiple users, but only one user needs to complete the work item. If another user has either opened or completed the work item, it will be removed from all other assigned users’ worklists.

If a user does not complete the work item, the unfinished work item should reappear in all assigned users’ worklists when the user closes the work item. However, in some cases the work item will become "stuck" with the user who first opened the work item, and will lock out all other users. In this case the "stuck" user must complete the work item. If for some reason the "stuck" user cannot complete the work item, please contact the relevant USDA agency or the ezFedGrants Help Desk for assistance.

Why can’t I select or type into any of the fields?

Some fields are read-only and cannot be edited, and certain statuses or methods of accessing items render those items read-only. Please ensure:

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Last Updated / Reviewed: May 09, 2019