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Processing Tips for Canceled Payments

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  1. Agency runs the Canceled Payments Requiring Agency Action (DOTS) report in the Reporting Center each pay period. (Report can be run daily.)
    • Payments returned to NFC from Treasury are listed on the report.
      Note: Payments will remain on the report even after reissuance.
  2. Agency determines the type of payment canceled by researching in IRIS. Examples of cancellations:
    • Net salary, routing number and/or account number is incorrect. Be specific with routing #’s
    • Garnishment being returned due to wrong address (or paid in full)
    • Health Savings Account (NON-TAXABLE)
    • Regular financial allotments
    • TSP Loan
  3. Agency informs the employee to stop the allotment before the payment is reissued. If the employee does not stop the allotment, the Agency is responsible for stopping the allotment.
    Note: The Agency should not reissue the money until the payment has been stopped. This ensures the allotment is stopped.
  4. Agency reissues the payment via SPPS Web, Misc. Payment, using the accounting list on the Canceled Payments Requiring Agency Action (DOTS) report under the column labeled Accounting Code.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020