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Processing Tips for Returned Commercial Garnishment Checks

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  1. The Agency receives returned garnishment, Treasury check from creditor (garnishment paid in full or sent to wrong address).
  2. The Agency calls the National Finance Center (NFC) Contact Center at 855-632-4GOV to have the check reissued.
  3. The Treasury check that is returned, it must be returned to Treasury.

    Address to Return Treasury Checks Only

    US Department of the Treasury
    Bureau of Fiscal Service
    Philadelphia Financial Center
    13000 Townsend Road
    Philadelphia PA 19154

  4. If the Treasury check was cashed, and the garnishment has been paid in full. The creditor may return the overpayment to the Agency with their own check. 
    If this occurs, the creditor check is mailed to the NFC address below for processing.  DO NOT CALL THE NFC Contact Center to reissue this type of refund.  When the check is received, the payment will be recertified to the employee.

    Address to Return Creditor Checks for Refund

    Regular Mail:
    PO Box 60963
    New Orleans LA 70160-0963
    ATTN: Rhonda Johnson

    Overnight Mail:
    13800 Old Gentilly Road
    New Orleans LA 70129
    ATTN: Rhonda Johnson

    The following transactions require submission of Form AD-343 to NFC:

    • Child support
    • Commercial garnishments
    • Levies
    • Military Deposits and Travel Debts Removed

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020