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FEHB Coverage Guidelines for Separations

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Following are guidelines for processing separation actions:

Remarks Definitions
388 Terminate FEHB enrollment - Employee ineligible to continue FEHB coverage
389 Transfer FEHB enrollment to OPM - Employee eligible to continue FEHB coverage
390 Transfer FEHB enrollment to DC Retirement System- Employee under Retirement Coverage Code Y or Z and eligible to continue FEHB coverage
391 Transfer COVA Retirement to Annuity System
564 Terminate FEHB − Not enrolled since first opportunity
565 Terminate FEHB − Not enrolled five years
566 Terminate FEHB − No survivor eligible to continue health benefits


A retirement action is processed when an employee has contributed to a retirement system and is eligible to retire and collect an immediate annuity. Use RETM to track the processing of applications for retirement benefits in the event an employee retires, is deceased, or separates with a request for a refund of retirement contributions.


A resignation action is processed when an employee voluntarily elects to leave the organization.


A death action is processed to remove a deceased employee’s record from the database and to settle the deceased employee’s accounts as required by laws and regulations. All death cases must have an SPPS record established to enable payments to beneficiaries.


A termination action is processed when an agency terminates the employee (through no fault of the employee) because of a non-disciplinary action such as expiration of appointment, lack of work, lack of funds, etc.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020