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Processing Tips for Separations

Separation actions are personnel actions that remove employees from the rolls due to retirement, resignation, termination or death.

Following are tips for processing separation actions. Ensure:

After the final transactions are processed the record remains on the active database for 6 pay periods following the processing of the last transaction before it is transferred to the history database. The history database stores personnel history beginning in 1990 or the date NFC started payroll for the employee.

An accession, a correction to the separation, a cancellation of the separation, a separation incentive, or a cash award can be processed when a separation action is the last action on the database.

To correct or cancel an action that has transferred to history, use EPIC History Correction or EmpowHR History Override. The separation action must be canceled prior to making corrections to actions with effective dates before the separation action. This is necessary to restore the salary record to the database. Corrections or new actions can be processed after the cancelation of the separation has applied and the salary record is reflected in IRIS 101.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020