EmpowHR Release Notes CY14 PP20

EmpowHR Application CY14, PP20

Project Number

Project Title

Description of the Change


EmpowHR Missing Clear Error Codes

To implement Clear Error codes in EmpowHR.


Puerto Rico State Tax

To modify the Puerto Rico State tax process to conform to ALLTAX Bulletin PR11085.










EmpowHR Default Value and Drop-Down List








To make the following changes on the Job Code, Position Information, and PAR Processing pages:

Defaulting certain fields to Blank, rather than their current default values when processing a new hire or creating a new position.

Updating drop downs to include the alphanumeric value next to the description.

Making the Target Grade field required on the Position Information page (for Department of Agriculture (USDA) positions).

Adding Sub-Agency to the Department field lookup on the Position Information page.