EmpowHR Release Notes

EmpowHR Application CY15, PP13

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Description of the Change


Financial Disclosure for County

Updates the *Financial Disclosure drop down on the Position Information page - NFC Fields and Tracking Data tab to include FSA-324 for County. This option is used to indicate that the FSA-324, Confidential Statement Regarding Financial Interests and Outside Employment, is required for that position.


Personnel Action Request (PAR) Enhancements for Step and Work Schedule

Updates PAR Processing functionality so that the Step on the Hire Employee page - Compensation tab defaults to blank when a Promotion, Change to Lower Grade, or Temporary Assignment is processed. Also, the Work Schedule will be populated from the prior PAR row rather than the Position.


Enable Event Code 1R for All Agencies

Updates the Health Benefits page - Elections tab to allow all Agencies to enter 1R in the Event Change Code field. Code 1R is used to designate that an employee or an employee's dependent becomes eligible for assistance under Medicaid or a State's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).