EmpowHR Release Notes CY15, PP20

Published: October 05, 2015
Effective: Pay Period 20, 2015


The following EmpowHR Release Notes for Calendar Year 2015, Pay Period 20, provide a high-level summary of the changes to be implemented by the National Finance Center (NFC).

EmpowHR Projects

The summary table below references the project numbers, project titles, and a brief description of the changes.

Project Number

Project Title

Description of the Change


Employee Changed from Senior Executive Service (SES) to General Schedule (GS) Should Not Get Locality

Modify EmpowHR to exclude locality pay (and its computation into the employee's adjusted salary) when the Personnel Action Request (PAR) indicates that the employee is on Retained Pay, a specific Pay Rate Determinant (PRD) Code.


EmpowHR FEHB Enhancements

Change the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) payroll documents as follows:

When an enrollment is inserted on top of an existing row, all of the fields on the new document will be cleared rather than being pulled forward.

When the Transaction Code is Transferin (Transfer In), Dependents data and information on other insurance coverage will no longer be required.

When the Transaction Code is TransferOu (Transfer Out), the * New Payroll OFC or Retirement field will be required.


EmpowHR Payroll Documents Effective Date

Add an edit to all EmpowHR Payroll Documents to prevent users from submitting a payroll document with a prior pay period Effective Date (currently it defaults to the date of entry) including Employee Self Service (ESS) documents, but excluding Savings Bonds, MMA - Health Benefits, and Flexible Spending Account.


The detailed documentation of these changes can be found in the EmpowHR procedure manual. To view the procedure, go to the HR/Payroll Client page and click the Publications tab in the center ribbon and from there select the applicable publication category to access the procedure manual.