EmpowHR Release Notes CY16 PP06

Project Number

Project Title

Description of the Change


Implement EmpowHR Online Editing of Pay Rate Determinate (PRD) Indicators

Assist in the proper handling and processing of personnel actions when a PRD code is utilized.


Related Content Implementation for HR Processing

Enable the related content functionality to access the related content for the Empl ID field on the Data Control tab and the Position field on the Job tab on the HR Processing page.


Include Org Structure on User Worklist Administration Page

Add the Org Structure column to the User Worklist Administration page.


Add Name Field to User Worklist Administration Page

Add the Name column to both the User Worklist Administration page and the Administer Worklists page - Worklist Monitor tab.


Disable Pushback Function to the Initiator in Manager Self Service (MSS)

Hide the Pushback button in MSS for the first reviewer role.