Pay Period (PP) 06 Calendar Year (CY) 2020 Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Release Notes

Project Number

Agency-Specific or Community-Wide

Project Title

Description of the Change

30868 / 1511795

Smithsonian Institute (SI)


Non-Federal Plan Code Cancellation, Leave Without Pay (LWOP) for 365 Days

Modifications were made to Payroll Computation System (PAYE) to terminate payment and coverage of all Non-Federal life insurance, medical, dental, and vision plans for Agency SI, employees in Smithsonian Institute (Trust), Agency 71, and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Trust), Agency 73, who reach 365 days of LWOP.


Department of Treasury (TREA)


Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) Roth Option Implementation

Modifications were made to Table Management (TMGT) Table 080, Payee Address, with a new Non-Federal Thrift Savings Plan Roth Code, FI, which includes the name and address of the payee, Agency, and account information.
Modifications were made to TMGT Table 083, Retirement Description, with a new Non-Federal plan code, FI.
Modifications were made to the Web-based Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System (EPIC Web) Non-Federal Thrift Savings Plan, document type 104, to allow Treasury’s Personal Services Contractors − Foreign, Department PS, and Treasury Technical Assistance, Agency TE, the ability to enter Roth Plan Code FI and Non-Federal Thrift Savings Plan Roth Catch-up, Plan Code 07.
Modifications were made to the Web-based Special Payroll Processing System (SPPS Web), under Other - NFC Process for Thrift Saving, to allow Agency TE, Department PS, the ability to enter Plan Code FI and 07.


U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


USAID New Position Pay Plan in Position Management System Online (PMSO) Master Record

Modifications were made to accept new Position Pay Plans in the PMSO AGCY-USE field for USAID only.



2019 Personal Benefits Statements

Modifications were made to the Employee Personal Page (EPP), Benefits Statement and the Reporting Center (RPCT), Personal Benefits Statement, to display employees' personal benefits information.



Employee Personal Page (EPP) - Additional Option Added to the Two-Factor Authentication

Modifications were made to the EPP Two-Factor Authentication process. An additional option, Phone Call, allows users to elect to receive a pass code via an automated phone call to their registered phone number. This new functionality is an alternative to receiving a pass code via text message or authentication application.