PPS Release Notes CY22 PP20

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Description of the Change


National Finance (NFC) Modification of Retirement Processing System (RETM) Personnel Office Identifier (POI) Summary Report

Modified the POI Summary Report. The following fields have been added to the report:

  • Application Received Date
  • Card Pay Period
  • Card Year
  • Date Nature of Action Code Applied
  • Nature of Action Code


NFC Remote Work - Transaction Descriptor

Created a new Transaction Descriptor (TD) (39), Remote Work, to be used by Agencies that have designated positions as a result of the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) update to the 2021 Guide to Telework and Remote Work in the Federal Government.

The following applications are being implemented in Pay Period 20:

  • System for Time and Attendance Reporting (STAR)
  • webTA 3.8
  • Paycheck8


EmpowHR Data Feed to Insight

Modified the data feed file from EmpowHR to Insight. The file has been modified to send Reports_To as of Today data to the Reports_To field instead of Reports_To as of PAR Effective Date.


NFC Employee Personnel Page (EPP) Address Verification Page

Added a prompt that requires users to verify their address on file and directs them to submit a Self-Service request if their current address is not on file or requires changes.


NFC Agency Address Being Added to the Earnings and Leave (E&L) Statement

Added the Agency address to the E&L Statement in EPP and the Reporting Center (RPCT).