CLER 22-02, Centralized Enrollment Clearinghouse System (CLER) Update

Published: April 26, 2022
Effective: Pay Period 08, 2022


The CLER Phase 2 – Payroll Office File Layout link has been removed from the CLER Log In page.

Affected Systems


System Impact


Removed the CLER Phase 2 – Payroll Office File Layout link from the Log In page.


The CLER Log In page has been modified to remove the CLER Phase 2 - Payroll Office File Layout link to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) CLER Payroll Office Enrollment File Layout (Version 3.3).

CLER is available from the Application Launchpad on the National Finance Center's (NFC) Web site.


The procedure manual for this application is available online at the NFC Web site. To view this procedure, select Insurance Services Clients from the MyNFC drop-down menu on the NFC Home page. At the Insurance Services Clients page, select the Publications tab and select the applicable category to access the procedure manual within the category.


For questions about NFC processing, authorized Servicing Personnel Office representatives should contact the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468) or via the customer service portal at ServiceNow Portal for Federated Users and at ServiceNow Portal for Non-Federated Users.