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Manager Self-Service and Manager Recruit Request

EmpowHR provides customers with manager self-service capabilities for both recruitment and non-recruitment actions as defined by the customer through the Manager Self-Service (MSS) component. With MSS, managers are able to:

Managers have the ability to perform personnel requests for their direct reports and their subordinates. Once a manager initiates a request, it passes through an approval workflow process that is specified by the Agency. Once the request is approved, it is submitted to the appropriate EmpowHR module for processing. Workflow processes and configuration of approved manager actions is determined by the customer during the migration process. Managers have the ability to view the data for employees in their chain of command (e.g., employee information, position information, title, grade, Bargaining Unit status, service computation date (SCD), within-grade increase (WGI) Due Date, Last Promotion Date, etc.). The chain of command is determined by tracking positions and their reporting structure, established through the “Reports To” feature in EmpowHR or through the use of Department Security Tree.

The functionality of MSS is separated into two components, Manager Recruit Request (MRR) and Manager PAR Request which support recruitment and non-recruitment actions respectively as described below:

Recruitment Actions

EmpowHR's MSS MRR gives a manager or supervisor the ability to initiate a recruitment request including creation of a new position and integration with a third party recruitment tool. MRR allows for a configurable workflow approval process determined by the Agency by which individuals can approve, deny or push back actions. Through MRR, a Manager/Supervisor will have the ability to create and/or edit an existing position; initiate or complete a recruitment action; and finally route the SF-52 for the hiring action to the applicable approving parties. In addition, a user is able to attach hiring assessment tools (e.g., job analyses, crediting plans, and assessment questions). NFC currently offers integration with several staffing solutions, including NGA's eRecruit , OPM's USAStaffing, and HRWorx's EODOnline.

Non-Recruitment Actions

EmpowHR's MSS Manager PAR Request gives a manager or supervisor the ability to initiate certain personnel action requests for employees in their organization. Once a PAR is initiated, it is sent through the appropriate approval workflow channels utilized an automated workflow process. Managers can review the approval status of a request through the Review Transactions component.

Upon final approval, the PAR is sent to the HR personnel for further processing. The point at which the request enters the HR workflow is determined by the Agency Administrator. Once the action has been processed by HR, the initiating manager will receive a notification that the transaction has been processed.

The types of PAR actions available through the Manager PAR Request component are configured by each Agency.

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 09, 2018