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Welcome to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Corporate Systems Web site. This Web site describes and provides access to USDA Corporate Systems online. Click on the links in the "Browse by Subject" box to access the Corporate Systems. The Corporate Systems are described below.
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Corporate Property Automated Information System (CPAIS)

CPAIS serves as the USDA subsidiary ledger for owned real property and the primary inventory reporting and portfolio management tool for all real property. CPAIS will maintain statistical elements necessary to track and manage owned real property, leased property, General Services Administration (GSA) assignments, and interagency agreements. CPAIS will record the acquisition, depreciation, and disposal of a real property asset, while the corporate financial system and the procurement subsidiary systems (e.g., the Integrated Acquisition System and the Purchase Order System) will continue to generate the financial transactions associated with the acquisition and use of real property. CPAIS will also track specific data elements necessary to meet external mandatory reporting requirements and ad hoc query requirements. CPAIS will interface with GSA STAR Web site and electronically file the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP).

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Integrated Acquisition System (IAS)

IAS is a modern, Web-based eProcurement solution designed to streamline and automate contract management and acquisition processes throughout USDA and ultimately enhance support of USDA mission-critical activities.

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Purchase Card Management System (PCMS)

PCMS is a customized, Web-based, Oracle Forms/Report Writer on-line relational database managment system of the USDA. It is used to manage purchases made with Government-wide commercial purchase cards, convenience checks, or fleet cards issued by an authorized GSA contractor.

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eGov Travel


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Travel Bridge Solution

The USDA contracted with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to provide an Electronic Travel System (ETS). GSA required all executive Agencies to implement an ETS by September 30, 2006. GSA's Travel Management Center (TMC) contracts have no renewal options and began expiring December 31, 2004. USDA and EDS developed a travel bridge solution that was approved on November 29, 2004. On January 1, 2005, USDA began utilizing the travel bridge solution for expiring TMC contracts. Simply put, the bridge solution is a matter of changing travel agents.

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Management Initiatives Tracking Systems (MITS)

Management Initiaitves Tracking Systems (MITS) is an interactive, Web-based application designed to collect, analyze, and report on the USDA's progress in realizing the President's Management Agenda (PMA) and other management initiatives. MITS consists of a series of modules that provide designated users with access to Web-based information about specific USDA management initiatives. MITS, when fully implemented, will include modules for the PMA, Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART), Budget Tracking, Audiot Tracking, and Energy.

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Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI)

FMMI is a modern, core, financial management system that provides maximum support to the USDA mission. As a advanced financial management system FMMI provides a single, operational, Web-based system for all USDA Agencies and Staff Offices with an enterprisewide view of data for use by leadership. FMMI standardizes business processes while providing reliable, relevant, and timely data for general accounting, funds management, and financial reports.

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