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  • Heartbleed Vulnerability
    NFC’s security team is fully engaged in assessing impact (if any) of the newly discovered “Heartbleed” vulnerability on NFC’s integrated systems. We have completed an assessment of a number of NFC Web sites and Web systems, and have found none of them have this vulnerability. We are now in the process of assessing all other components. If we find any vulnerability, we will take immediate action to mitigate them. NFC assures you that this has our full attention and highest priority. We will provide additional updates as information becomes available.
  • EPP Modifications
    NFC has updated the Employee Personal Page (EPP) application to include new modifications to the preferences section and the Leave Calculator. A summary of the changes and additions is available in the Title I, 14-12, Employee Personal Page (EPP) Modifications bulletin issued on April 8, 2014.

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