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Financial Shared Services

U.S. Department of Agriculture

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OCFO Financial Shared Services includes functions to:

A Certified Shared Service Provider…

USDA is a certified Shared Service Provider for Financial Management Services. Services are provided to customer agencies on a cost recovery basis and are defined under service level agreements. USDA positions itself to assist agencies in achieving cost-effective, standardized, and interoperable solutions that provide functionality to support strategic financial management and human resource management direction.

USDA's Financial Shared Service offerings include innovative solutions both from a technical and support service perspective in order to assist in meeting various other agencies' needs. USDA’s service offerings are designed to eliminate time-consuming, transactional functions and increase time for other federal agencies to perform mission related activities.

Capabilities include:

Financial Management Services (FMS): USDA FMS offers a SAP-based core financial system, financial transactional processing services, a grants management solution and more. FMS currently serves 29 agencies and staff offices.

Pegasys Financial Services (PFS): USDA PFS offers a Momentum-based core financial system, financial transactional processing services, and more. Pegasys currently provides financial services to the U.S General Services Administration and 39 other external clients comprised of Boards, Commissions, and Small Agencies.

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 05, 2024