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National Finance Center

U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Visiting the National Finance Center

We invite you to visit our facility in New Orleans. We will be happy to discuss our systems and services, address your unique needs, and demonstrate how we can be your source for solutions. Please see our visitor's guide for additional information, including directions to the facility and recommended hotels.

National Finance Center
13800 Old Gentilly Road
New Orleans, Louisiana 70129

HR and Payroll Customers

HR and Payroll customers requesting to visit the National Finance Center should submit their request in writing to our Client Management Branch at Our hours of operation are between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. CT.

To coordinate a visit, we request at least a 30-day notice in advance of your projected visit to ensure adequate preparation time. Please provide the following information in your request:

Note: The Agency’s visit coordinator must identify visitors that are (1) Non-U.S. citizens or (2) Contractors.

It is requested that the Agency’s visit coordinator provide an agenda containing talking points for discussion purposes, Software Problem Requests (SPRs), Incident Reports (IRs), Project Number(s), or other identifying information for research purposes.

Please indicate if the Agency visiting would like a tour of NFC and indicate if you are interested in visiting with NFC contacts that are not participants of the scheduled meeting. To obtain prior approval for entrance to other areas within NFC, please submit your contact information and the NFC contact with whom you are interested in meeting. We request arrival 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled visit.

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 03, 2024