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DPRS Escalation Process

NFC offers a Multi-Level Help Desk to all DPRS customers. DPRS Help Desk Personnel will assist with DPRW technical processing as well as procedural guidance on enrollment and billing.

Any customer may contact the GISB Escalation Team, if they feel they have not received satisfactory customer service. In order to escalate an issue, a customer must first have logged an incident and received a tracking number from the DPRS Help Desk Personnel, which has not been timely and accurately resolved.

Escalations must be presented to the mailbox where they will be researched and responded to by the DPRS Help Desk Personnel. If the issue cannot be resolved by the DPRS Help Desk, the issue will then be assigned in the following order:

DPRS Help Desk Staff Escalation

If the DPRS Help Desk Personnel cannot resolve the issue or answer the question within prescribed time-frames, he/she elevates the issue or question to his/her Unit Supervisor. If the issue cannot be resolved by the Unit Supervisor, the issue will be assigned in the following order:

Last Resort

If, after these steps have been followed, and the customer is still dissatisfied, the issue is moved up the line by the Government Insurance and Collections Directorate (GICD), Associate Director to the Deputy Director of GESD. Escalations must be presented in the order stated in this procedure to be addressed by the appropriate levels of management.

Last Updated / Reviewed: January 24, 2024