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FMS Release Information

Scheduled Release Information is provided to support the Financial Management Services' (FMS) release management process and agency change management planning. This strategy is designed to promote transparency and communication by keeping customers informed of upcoming system changes that support continuous process improvements.

The FMS Release Schedule shows projected quarterly releases and is presented as an Excel workbook that includes tabs by system and release month. The tables on each tab are organized by Product or System and include Enhancement (ENHC) or Defect (DFCT) numbers, brief change descriptions, and identification of the Requesters. It is updated on a regular basis to ensure that agencies have the most current schedule information. The projected implementation schedule also provides agencies with an opportunity to ask questions related to proposed changes and to request involvement in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) when appropriate.

Release schedules are updated as soon as changes are approved for development; therefore, agencies are encouraged to review the tables frequently. At any time, the change details can be reviewed in ServiceNow (SN). Agencies are encouraged to review SN for additional information related to ENHCs and DFCTs on a regular basis.

FMS Detailed Release Information is provided for scheduled implementations to make sure agencies are aware of immediate pending changes. A notification with a link to the FMS Detailed Release Information table is provided on the Wednesday preceding a scheduled release.

FMS Release Notes are published for scheduled releases on the Monday immediately following the scheduled release date to inform agencies of which CRs were successfully moved to production and of CRs that may have been delayed. The Release Notes will provide brief details of each change that was implemented in the release and identify the intended audience that will be impacted by the change. Additionally, subscribed agencies will receive notification of the implementation results with a link to the FMS Release Notes table.

Production updates that occur outside a release cycle are published to the applicable product's Release Notes page and provided to agencies monthly. These updates include emergencies, time or process sensitive updates, as well as other changes that were moved to production to correct issues or support various operational needs affecting users.

The FMS Release Calendar by Product provides agencies with the planned quarterly schedules indicating the release month and day for all products/systems. Agencies can select the system from the list below to view detailed Release Notes and information pertaining to production updates to the baseline system.

FMS Release Calendar by Product

System Release Months Release Day
SAP Financials (FMMI, ECC, BI, and GRC) February, May, August, November Second Friday
DATA Act February, May, August, November Second Friday
CPAIS Real Property March, June, September, December First Friday
CPAIS Personal Property January, April, July, October First Friday
RITA January, April, July, October Fourth Friday
FSDW March, June, September, December First Friday
ACRWS February, May, August, November Third Friday
MINC February, May, August, November Second Friday
AgCMS March, June, September, December First Friday

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 29, 2023