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Financial Shared Services

U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Procedures by Title/Chapter

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Title 2 - Voucher And Invoice Manual Acronym
Chap 2, Sec 3 Integrated Acquisition System IAS
Title 3 - Billings and Collections Manual Acronym
N/A Administrative Billings and Collections ABCO
Title 4 - Central Accounting System Manual Acronym
N/A Management Account Structure Codes System MASC
Chap 8, Sec 1 Financial Statements Data Exchange System FSDE
Title 5 - Miscellaneous Systems Manual Acronym
Chap 2 Federal Assistance Award Data System FAAD
N/A Working Capital Fund and Greenbook Online FUND
N/A Intradepartmental Transactions Reconciliation System ITRS
N/A Office of the Chief Financial Officer Fee Review System OFEE
Title 6 - Systems Access Manual Acronym
N/A Interactive System Productivity Facility ISPF
N/A FOCUS Reporting System FOCUS
Chap 6, Sec 1 Travel Online Data Entry TRVLENT
Chap 6, Sec 2 Travel System Data Entry Procedures for Personal Computer PCTRVL
Chap 6, Sec 3 Travel System Online Inquiry TRVLINQ
Chap 9, Sec 3 Equipment Management Information System EMIS

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 29, 2023