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FMMI Online Training

100 Level: Introduction to FMMI – What is FMMI and why is it being implemented? This training provides an overview of the FMMI program and develops further awareness of the impact of FMMI on roles at USDA.

200 Level: Process Overview –What are the key financial concepts associated to the FMMI implementation? This training provides detailed information about each of the business processes involved for individuals' role(s).

300 Level: System Navigation – How do I navigate the FMMI application? This training provides an overview and hands-on practice navigation of the FMMI Portal and application.

400 Level: Role-Based - What are the processes in the core functional areas (e.g., General Ledger, Funds Management, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable, and Cost Management)? This training provides hands-on practice of the activities and tasks that individuals will be responsible for in their new jobs and role(s).

Accessing Training Courses

As of September 2012, primary training delivery activities for agencies in Deployments 1-2 and partially Deployment 3 have concluded. Current FMMI users from these agencies can continue to refer to FMMI 100 – 300 Levels training online via AgLearn or 100-400 Levels training materials via FMMI Online Help. Please direct additional questions to your Agency Role/Training Lead.

FMMI users of Deployment 3 Agencies that are part of the second phase should note that FMMI 100 – 400 levels are currently being delivered. Please ask your Agency Role/Training Lead for more information.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 29, 2023