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Master Data Templates

To facilitate processing and ultimate completion of your specific task, use the following FMMI Non-Vendor Master Data Element templates to submit master data element maintenance requests to the FMS centralized processing area. All FMMI Non-Vendor Master Data Element maintenance requests must be submitted through ServiceNow via a service request or sent to the Financial Management Service Center via email at All requests must include a copy of the associated template.

Template Date
Application of Fund 03-22-19
Budget Period 04-29-16
Cost Center 04-04-16
Functional Area 06-24-16
FUND Master Data Template 03-22-19
FUND Center 07-06-16
Funded Program 05-13-16
Shorthand Code 06-02-16
WBS Derivation Value 09-20-11

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 22, 2019