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User Groups

Four User Groups have been created within the specific system categories:

CAPPS members will furnish representatives to participate in the User Group meetings and present their agency’s viewpoint on the subject. The User Group members will select the Chairperson of the workgroup. NFC will assign a facilitator to the User Group. The User Group will be limited to a reasonable working size. However, the Chairperson of the User Group may allow other participants on an as needed basis. At a minimum, each User Group will contain subject matter specialists and system specialists.


Responsibilities of the Facilitator include:


Responsibilities of the Chairperson include:


Responsibilities of the Members include:

Working Groups

Working Groups can be established through CAPPS, User Groups, or NFC management.

Working Groups are short term and disbanded once the group completes system testing and validates the integrity of the system changes.

As the need arises, Agency subject matter representatives will be requested through his/her CAPPS representative to participate in the Working Groups.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 19, 2023