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AD Forms

The forms on this Web site are interactive fillable electronic forms - they can be downloaded and completed electronically.

AD Forms

Please note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To obtain a free copy, click on the Acrobat Reader icon and download it from the Adobe Web site.

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Form # Description Type, File Size
AD-202 Travel Authorization/Advance PDF, 155KB
AD-202M Travel Authorization/Advance Attachment for Multiple Travelers PDF, 121KB
AD-202R Travel Authorization/Advance Attachment for Relocation Travel PDF, 433KB
AD-202RE Travel Authorization/Advance Attachment for Election of Separate Relocation Allowances PDF, 494KB
AD-287 Employee Suggestion Form PDF, 107KB
AD-287-2 Recommendation & Approval of Awards PDF, 61KB
AD-343 Payroll Action Request PDF, 33KB
AD-349 Employee Address PDF, 20KB
AD-354 Request for Information PDF, 83KB
AD-424 Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale or Purchase (or both) of Residence Upon Change of Official Station PDF, 74KB
AD-497 Request for TR Action PDF, 57KB
AD-507 Probationary or Trial Period Report PDF, 27KB
AD-569 Expense Record for Temporary Quarters PDF, 33KB
AD-616 Travel Voucher (Temporary Duty Travel) PDF, 1.2MB
AD-616R Travel Voucher (Relocation) PDF, 68KB
AD-617 Travel Voucher Continuation Sheet Temporary Duty PDF, 142KB
AD-672 Reimbursement or Advance of Funds Agreement PDF, 242KB
AD-700 Procurement Request 375KB
AD-717 Audit for Leave 20xx (Note: You must enter leave used as a negative number i.e., -1.75) PDF, 541KB
AD-881 Individual Development Plan PDF, 66KB
AD-952 Organizational Structure Codes TMGT - Table Number 5 PDF, 47KB
AD-955 GSA Telephone Transmittal PDF, 138KB
AD-956 Request for Originating Office Number Action PDF, 29KB
AD-962 Payroll/Personnel Document Reports Election Form PDF, 86KB
AD-1000 Claim for Relocation Income Tax Allowance for the Year ____ PDF, 58KB
AD-1083 Request for Action for Procedures/Reports PDF, 77KB
AD-1083 (back) Instructions for Completing Form AD-1083 PDF, 6KB
AD-1083A Continuation Sheet for Ordering Procedures PDF, 4KB
AD-1102 Retirement Processing Transmittal PDF, 1.29MB
AD-1128 Request for Electronic Downloading of Software from NFC PDF, 53KB
AD-1129 My Employee Personal Page Brochure PDF, 168KB
AD-1143 Corporate Systems Access Request Form PDF, 190KB
AD-1173 CD-ROM Request PDF, 59KB
AD-1209 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Request DOC, 51KB
AD-3003 Software Change Request PDF, 349KB
AD-3004 SCR Strategic Value Assessment XLS, 23KB
AD-3005 Request for VPS Printer Identification Number (ID) for Laser Printing PDF, 128KB
AD-3006 Post 1956 Military Service Deposits Checklist PDF, 404KB
AD-3007 User Acceptance Testing Defect Reporting PDF, 373KB
AD-3041 ADJP Waiver/Cancellation Request PDF, 45KB
AD-3042 Insight Access Request Form PDF, 184KB
AD-3072 Recruit Action Supplement Form PDF, 191KB
AD-3106 Software Validation Form PDF, 311KB

Last Updated / Reviewed: January 13, 2017