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System Procedure Manual QRCs
GovTA - Continuation of Pay (COP) Administrator [Web Version]
GovTA - Emergency Contact Management (ECM) Administrator [Web Version]
GovTA - Employee [Web Version]
GovTA - Telework Coordinator [Web Version]
GovTA - Telework Managing Officer [Web Version]
GovTA - Timekeeper [Web Version]
Paycheck8 [Web Version]
System for Time and Attendance Reporting (STAR) [Print Version]
T&A Validation System (TIME) Edit Messages [Web Version]
Time and Attendance Instructions (TNAINST) [Web Version]
webTA 3.8 - Employee [Web Version]
webTA 3.8 - HR Administrator [Web Version]
webTA 3.8 - Supervisor [Web Version]
webTA 3.8 - Timekeeper [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - COP (Continuation of Pay) Administrator [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - ECM (Emergency Contact Management) Administrator [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - Employee [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - HR Administrator [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - Leave Transfer Program Manager [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - Supervisor/Master Supervisor [Web Version]
webTA 4.2 - Timekeeper/Master Timekeeper [Web Version]
webTA 5.0 - Employee [Web Version]


Bulletin Date
TA 23-01, Parental Bereavement Leave 04-10-23

Last Updated / Reviewed: May 15, 2023