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System Access Request Forms

NFC Security Access Forms are required to request access to NFC’s Payroll Personnel and Reporting Systems, or establish Agency Security Officers. Use of a form reduces errors that can delay the provisioning or de-provisioning of critical access, which can affect users’ ability to complete their duties. For this reason, access requests MUST be submitted on an approved NFC or Agency-developed form.

Note, the previous System Access Request forms (AD-3042 - Insight, EmpowHR Access Form, and AD-3100-R-1 - Reporting Center) have been superseded by AD-3100-R listed below.

Form # Description Type, File Size
AD-3100-P Payroll Personnel Access Request Form PDF, 364KB
AD-3100-R National Finance Center Web Applications Request for Security Access Form PDF, 899KB
Form AD-3100-RCO Multiple Users for Other Available Applications (continuation sheet) PDF, 190KB
Form AD-3100-RCI Form AD-3100-RCI, Multiple Users for Insight (continuation sheet) PDF, 155KB
Form AD-3100-RCE Multiple Users for EmpowHR (continuation sheet) PDF, 160KB
Form AD-3100-RCR Multiple Users for Reporting Center (continuation sheet) PDF, 186KB

Other Security Forms

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 09, 2018