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Administrative Billings and ProcessingDate
BILL 19-02, ABCO Main Menu and Employee Indebtedness Screen Modification 09-12-19
HR and Payroll ProcessingDate
HRPAY 19-09, Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) Data Element Modifications 10-11-19
HRPAY 19-08, Removal of Children of Same-Sex Domestic Partners from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) 10-07-19
HRPAY 19-07, New Personnel Input and Edit System Message for Aurora, Colorado Occupational Privilege Tax Program Changes 08-07-19
REPT 19-04, Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) Data Element Modification 09-13-19
REPT 19-03, T&A Error Analysis (CULP0053) Report Available on the Reporting Center after Time and Attendance Validation System (TIME) Runs 09-13-19
REPT 19-02, Personal Benefits Statement 09-11-19
Research and InquiryDate
INQUIRY 19-05, Elimination of Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Financial Hardship In-Service Withdrawal 6-Month Suspension Rule 09-16-19
INQUIRY 19-04, Personal Benefits Statement 09-11-19
INQUIRY 19-03, EPP Enhancement/Residence Address Change Alert 09-04-19
T&A ProcessingDate
TA 19-01, Fiscal Year-End Reminder 09-05-19
TAXES 19-33, Virginia State Income Tax Withholding 10-03-19
TAXES 19-32, Minnesota State Income Tax Withholding 10-03-19
TAXES 19-31, Aurora, Colorado Withholding of Employee Occupational Privilege Tax 08-07-19
TAXES 19-30, Pennsylvania Local Income Tax Withholding 08-07-19
TAXES 19-29, Idaho State Income Tax Withholding 08-07-19

Last Updated / Reviewed: May 09, 2019