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Processing Tips for PPS Transactions

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Title Date
Processing Multiple EmpowHR Actions Within the Same Day 03-15
Types of Manual Adjustments 04-13
Table 063 Contacts 10-12
Quick Checklist for Submitting FERCCA Cases to NFC 08-10
Personnel Actions 10-16
Most Often Misused NOACs 11-16
Dual Appointments 08-10
Physicians' Comparability Allowance 11-16
Requesting Manual Payment of Salary 08-10
Hints for Processing in the Payroll/Personnel System 09-16
Exception Actions 08-09
FEHB Coverage Guidelines for Separations, Part 1 08-09
FEHB Coverage Guidelines for Separations, Part 2 08-09
FEHB Processing Guidance 08-09
Military Leave 08-09
Offset Worksheet for Contingency Operations/Emergency Military Leave 08-09
Processing History Corrections When History Covers More than One Department, Agency, or POI 08-09
Separations 08-09
Canceling or Correcting a Time Off Award 09-16
Reemployed Annuitants 08-09
Incorrect Mailing Addresses 02-09
Leave Audit 09-16
History Corrections and Cancellations 02-09
Record of Leave Data Transfer 09-16
Treasury Direct 02-09
Troubleshooting Tips 09-16

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 09, 2018