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Can you download and print reports from Insight?

Yes. A user can download reports directly from the solution to several different file formats (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV or Text), as well as print to a local printer or PDF. For more information about exporting and other technology requirements, please see the Technology Requirements resource on the Resource Materials page.

Is report sharing available in Insight?

Insight allows report sharing within Agencies, as well as across all Insight users in a secure manner. Insight users can use the folders below to share and/or run pre-created reports:

Note: If users share a report with a pre-set filter for a specific Agency, a user who does not have access to data for that Agency can open and run the shared report, but will see no results. To resolve this issue, edit the Agency filter in the Criteria tab to an Agency the user is provisioned for.

Can I schedule reports in Insight?

Insight allows a user to schedule a report to run at a specific time, from either the most current data or a specified time dimension, and create an alert notifying the user that the report is available. This convenient scheduling feature allows users to run large reports and be alerted when they are finished loading, or schedule regularly used reports to run automatically when needed.

Can you use coding to write reports in Insight?

Yes, although Insight is powered by drag-and-drop functionality that eliminates the need for coding reports, users with the Insight Author role still have access to create and edit the SQL and/or XML code of their reports through Insight's advanced functionality.

Does Insight offer canned reports, as well as Agency-specific reporting?

Yes. The Common Report Library provides users with a standardized set of Government-wide reports. These reports act as templates, and users will have the ability to adjust common reports from the Library to fit their specific reporting needs. Insight's ad-hoc reporting functionality allows users to create their own custom reports using any data element provided in the warehouse.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 20, 2023