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Will security be managed by NFC?

Security and user access will be managed by NFC and the agency ASO using standard NFC access procedures.

Will the login User IDs for Insight be the same as the Mainframe IDs currently used?

Yes, your Insight User ID will be the same as your current Mainframe ID. However, the password will be maintained separately from your Mainframe password.

How will my user role be determined and how will users log in to Insight?

In accordance with NFC’s standard application provisioning process, the Enterprise Reporting Project team will work with users’ ASOs to grant the correct user level. Insight will be a web-based application, accessible through the application launch pad.

How do I change my password when I am logged into Insight?

To change a password:

  1. Select the Dashboards action link from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Password Reset from the Dashboards drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Reset Password action link, which opens the Password Reset form.
  4. Follow the instructions on the Reset Password form to reset the current Insight password.
  5. Select Submit to reset the password.
  6. Validate the password update is complete by viewing the Password Update Successful message at the top of the Reset Password form.
  7. Select Cancel in the window to close the page and return to Insight.

Why am I unable to see EmpowHR or PMSO data now that Build 2 is live?

Now that Build 2 is live, users must request updated provisioning for EmpowHR and PMSO from their ASO. To request this access, complete the National Finance Center Web Applications Request for Security Access Form and submit the form to your ASO.

How do I know what I am provisioned to view in Insight?

To find your Insight provisioning:

  1. Log in to Insight.
  2. Select Username.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Navigate to the Roles and Catalog Groups tab to view what options you are provisioned to view in Insight.

What are the types of security in Insight?

Users are provisioned with four different types of security in Insight, which include User level security, Organizational level security, Subject Area level security, and Data Element level security.

Who do I contact for Insight log in problems?

If you are having trouble logging in to Insight from the Sign-in Screen, please send your request to

Is Insight compatible with Internet Explorer 11?

Yes, if you are having functionality issues please check your compatibility using the instructions distributed in the Bulletin, REPT 15-04, Internet Explorer (IE) 11 for Insight, released on June 29, 2015. If problems persist contact the NFC Contact Center.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 20, 2023